Bideford Catholic Churches

The Catenian Association




The walking group including wives and non-members meet every Tuesday, at 10.00 and lunching together at the completion of the walk.

Circle Chairman nominates a Charity Fund promoted and supported during the year. This year the Chairman's/Presidents charity is "Send a Cow".  So that people can learn how to look after the animals, sheep/cows and become efficient in keeping live stock of their own.  The chances of owning live stock are at this moment beyond their means so the money donated to the charity helps them become owners and independent.

After our monthly meetings we have a meal together to facilitate social interaction and these can also be Ladies evenings.  Twice a year we invite all the local clergy to the dinner including wives of deceased brothers and once a year a mass is held at the Durrant House Hotel for deceased brothers.

Sadly Gerry Brown, a member from Barnstaple, died on the 19th July. [2014] May he rest in peace.

We are this year celebrating 5 years as a Group and this October 31st we will be inaugurated into a circle with the Grand President, Bishop Mark O'Toole, a number of Priest and Deacons in attendance to celebrate the occasion, dining at the Durrant with approximately 80 guest including the brothers ladies and wives of our decreased brothers.

During the year we meet up to dine on a Sunday at various location and in December also have a Christmas lunch.

If any man over the age of 21 and a practising Catholic would like to become a member of the association he could contact the presbytery, who will point him in the right direction.

Contact John Henderson on Bideford 473088.

(Information provided for Parish In Council Meeting October 2014)