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Parish Ladies Group

Parish Ladies Group

The Parish Ladies Group (PLG) was formed on May 25th 2010 and is a group of Catholic women working together for the good of our Parish, our Priest, our Church and the wider community. Although the group as a whole is quite new, many of the members were, for a great number of years, part of the Catholic Women's League (CWL). However, after great thought and discussion, it was felt that we could best serve our Parish and local community, by becoming independent, but work under the remit of the Parish Council. Some links are still maintained with the CWL on the advice of Bishop Christopher.


  • Working for and supporting our Parish Priest with functions, celebrations and all Parish events.
  • Raising money for chosen charities, Parish needs and to have funds available for national and international emergencies.
  • To strengthen our Spiritual life as a group , through prayer; Mass before some meetings; Days of Recollection; discussions and sharing of views regarding our beliefs and visits to the Sisters at Lynton.
  • Socialising after meetings, trips out to build friendships and a network of confidential support and care for fellow members; especially those in need or distress.
  • To broaden our horizons with guest speakers from a variety of organizations and charities.
  • To be part of, and involved with, the wider Bideford community. E.g. The Women's World Day of Prayer, Lent Lunches, Safari Supper , and many more.

Our Meetings:

We try to keep these as informal as possible. First Tuesday of each month, except January. Normally at 12 noon. Our meetings are usually held at the Sisters House where we hold Mass for our intentions approx 5 times per year. We also hold meetings in the sacred Heart Parish Room after 10am Mass.

Read about our "Pebble Garden of Remembrance" here.

Our sincere thanks to our extremely hardworking Leader - Maxine Duffy - long may she reign.